Friday, August 26, 2011

August 2011

Summer 2011 has brought many pleasant things, despite the rain I managed tot make some nice trips around the country.My new computer works very well, and working on it gives me many pleasant hours. It is fun to be able to create e.g. a new header for a weblog.

The agyrophobia seems to have become less. That is really good.
We, my therapist and I, have now found out that the sensory overload and the fears for traffic, mainly have such an impact because of my living situation.

Living in a small village with few hundred inhabitants I must find a way to handle the transition from silence to noise. I was raised in the western part of this country, in a suburb with all facilities nearby. After a few years of living in this-shopaholic friendly-town (you can save money here, there are no shops...), I can really feel the difference in what I was used to handle on sensory overload then and now.

Every time I go to the city, my brain now needs more time and exercise in order to handle the increased traffic and noise. The sensory overload will become less after a few minutes. It is important, as it is for all people with autism, to find a way to cope with this overload whil surrounded by traffic, lots of people etc. It is another thing perfectly suitable to make a aspie style plan for! ;-)

So this weekend I am gonna visit a big town, and try to handle stress step by step. Take a break when it is necessary. You might say this is easy but often I neglect my autism or I am so busy watching everything I forget to eat!

Rain has stopped, thunder went away, sun might shine now. Time to move on.
Have a nice weekend! CU soon! Take care!

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