Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring, a new horizon

We have shared many beautiful moments together. But sometimes one needs to continue his own way. After 1.5 years a beautiful love story has come to an end. I thank my former boyfriend for all the love, inspiration and much more he has given me.

Time to set a new horizon. Each day I am grateful for my freedom. Think about all those people worldwide, abused, locked up and treated inhumane. Bradley Manning in prison for over 280 days now.

Speaking about solitary confinement and autism, for me it is clear that the loneliness felt inside is often related to my Aspergers. But do not feel that sorry for yourself having autism. Unless you are physically disabled too, we have the ability to walk around freely despite our autism. There is a world outside worth to be explored. Walk in the light and do not let the dark side of autism get you down.

There is a lot which can be done to serve and improve the world and its people. Do not forget to see the hand reached out by others in order to help us out. Take care.

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