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October 2010

Autum brings us lots of beautiful things. The trees begin to show their colours, the woods seem to be places to discover many hidden treasures. I love this time of year. We make many long walks. It seems a time of changes is coming up. Bf has been told his job almost certainly might be discontinued. Insecurity rules. We try to keep positive and each step in life might bring new opportunities despite the crisis. The hardest thing these days is to cope with insecurity. This all costs lots of energy. I try to support Bf as much as possible. He shows he is grateful for this!

Meanwhile my agryophobia treatment (agyrophobia is the fear of crossing the streets)continues and further progress has been made. Slowly I lean to deal with the different ways one can look around being on the pavement. I now regulary practise crossing streets, even with my coach. She notices things in my behaviour I was not aware of. Interesting. Being a modest person I now learn that overcoming this agryophobia has …