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One Life. Live it. Dare!

Because of a weak balance/bad locomotion I have not dared to cycle for about 13 years. Every time I tried, it turned out to be a drama. While busy expanding my views on fear during my treatment against agoraphobia, I suddenly got the motivation to cycle again.

So, I now daily practise the art of cycling for about 10 minutes every time. It is important only to do exercises which will go ok, this in order to increase self confidence. A bad experience now, like falling of my bike or so, might expand my fears. So, in the middle of this tiny little village cycle. Among the famous Dutch meadows with that special sunlight and clouds things. It is so great to be able to cycle again. So far, I can make it till the end of the street...Every little step counts. You only have one life. Don't let fears take over your dreams. Just do it!!


Lindsay said…
That's great!

I never learned to ride a bicycle, for some of the same reasons you cite for having avoided doing it for so long: balance and coordination, or the lack thereof.

(Besides autism, I also had lots of recurring ear infections as a child, which left me with tinnitus, minor hearing loss, and balance so bad I can't even stand on one foot).

I love to swim and canoe, though. And also to run, to a lesser extent.

I have tried riding a tandem bike with my dad, who kept it stabilized while I just pedaled; that was lots of fun. (I've also tried riding a unicycle while holding someone's hand; I can only go a few feet before I lose the 'cycle, but it's fun in its way, too).

It's really encouraging to see that you're able to ride a bike with similar issues, though!
文佩齊華 said…
葉婷 said…
育財育財 said…

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