Monday, May 17, 2010

The goal of this blog, The value of the autism hub to me.

In my humble opinion it might be time to make clear what I think is the meaning of this blog. As you might have noticed the 'old' website has been closed down for some time. A new listing of blogs might appear on the soon to open new version of Considering the fact that possibly my blog might not appear in the new version of the autism hub, I now strongly feel the need why I joined the autism hub.

For several years I was confronted with Aspergers Syndrome. Soon after the first acknowledgement I might have Aspergers I started this blog. Ever since it has been a pleasure sharing thougths, things with you all. My goals for this blog  was to inform you about my life, being diagnosed being an adult.

The value of the autism hub, the way I knew this site until this very day, can not be overrated. It has been very special to be involved in an international mix of autism bloggers. This hub created understanding and friendship and make me realise life with autism can be ok.

Last year, when mr. Right was still looking for me, there was more time to write blogs on a more regular, even during a certain amount of months, daily base. Writing blogs has never been a boring thing and I can easily think of many autism related things to write (once) (more) about. Please considering the fact that English is not my native language. This makes writing blogs sometimes difficult. I apologise for my sometimes not correct English.

A 'new' autism hub means changes. I wonder if my blog has been rated good enough to stay on the list! Keeping my fingers crossed! ;-)

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