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Easter Fun and Pride

This easter is special for me because I celebrate these days in the presence of my boyfriend. He keeps surprising me with his smartness, kindness, caring, loving and rational way of living. We had a great day with his daughter. Afer she went back to her mum, we decided to have a walk through the city. We went to the central station here by train and made a one hour walk back home. It was an intensive traineeship for me, cause we had to cross many streets with a few really busy and complicated traffic situations. Lots of noise and lots of cars and high speed...

My wonderful bf said he could see and feel the difference (we walked hand in hand) comparing to last week. One can not make a phobia disappear at once and we noticed and discussed some serious points to work on, but we managed to reach home safely. I tend to avoid having eye contact with other traffic participants. It's seems there is a fear I can not translate their intention into something which makes me confident drivers will obey the rules and stop for me, being a simple pedestrian. So the eye contact making thing is a study object.

We saw many good things today and my bf was happy seeing me doing better already. It is just a Gods given miracle having met this man. I know I can overcome these fears all by myself and it is important not to give fears too many space to keep you hostage. Not only it affects your life, but it also affects your partners life too.

Another step ahead. With the long summerevenings to come, this can only get better!
Take care


Clay said…
Your boyfriend sounds wonderful, a real help to you. I'm glad you have him.

I've never had your issues of agoraphobia, (maybe only slightly), but you reminded me of a few times I was on the other end of the pedestrian concern for their safety at crosswalks.

Several times, I've stopped to tell hesitant pedestrians, "It's okay, I haven't run over anybody so far this week!" Heh.
惠婷 said…
RashidaD22 said…

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