Monday, March 29, 2010

Self Training on Agoraphobia(1)

Because you have only one life to live, and sooner or later one must battle against the monsters of terror created by your own mind, I decided to start doing some exercises to defeat agoraphobia.
Some years ago I attended some seminars given by Pieter Frijters, a well known Dutch counsellor who has created his own method to fight fears and phobias.His site says it all. Ofcourse this man has written a book about his method. During the last weeks the fears got that worse that I hardly could see any light at the end of the agrophobia tunnel. Medicine, more medicine, no, I do not want to ease my pain that way.

So I told myself, "OK, Aspie Bird, it's all in your hands now, you have to be your own coach, let's start today, just what Peter Frijters writes in his book, start doing things, step by step and do things daily. I just got home from my adventure nr. 1 bringing a letter to the mailbox. One of the golden rules in order to reduce fear is to keep your tong up, so you put you tongue against the palate. This makes you feel stronger. You can test this yourself by asking someone else to kick you, if you keep your tong up you tend to stand, if you keep your tongue low, lying between your teeth, someone else can easily make you fall when they kick you.

So rule 1. keep your tongue up.
Rule number 2 is to widen your point of view. If you look around and notice things while walking you might become surprised about the many things  you did not notice about your neighbours garden or car numberplate till now. I just counted cars and colours and numberplate numbers. And I kept saying to myself: my eyes tell me that there is no fear here at this moment, so why should my brain tell me otherwise. Or why should I listen to my brain. This is the inner dialogue which makes your brain active. Don't believe everything your brain translates into fears!

Rule number 3 is to decide where to go and to have a point of destination. I now want to reach that tree, see ahead. I am very proud now because with using those three rules I was able to walk more secure than I have done in months! I must admit this whole experience was exhausting, one can say I have done some mental exercise.


Clay said...

Keep up the good work, and you can go even farther.

Don't believe everything you think!

Anonymous said...

have you read the book:

Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety: A Guide to Successful Stress Management von Nick Dubin und Valerie Gaus von Jessica Kingsley

maybe it helps you to overcome your fears and anxiety

Serena said...

Thank you. I was doing well with my own fears but then I moved to another country and I have let my fears keep me hostage again. Time for me to rule myself and not let my fears do so.


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