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Self Training on Agoraphobia (2)

Yes, I did it again!! Just got home, it's half past eight in the evening here. I went for a short walk round. Did not take the same route as yesterday, well when you live in a 4 street village, you sometimes come across the same streets ;-)). I noticed again that keeping my tongue up improves my ability to walk in a line straight ahead. The tongue feels like a central point in my body. The tongue becomes the major centre of stability, instead of my feelings or thoughts (brain). I noticed other things around here than yesterday. I am so proud of myself.A kind of adrenaline stuff comes up, feels like heaven! It is almost addicting, as this brand new feelings are much stronger than the fears. The fears seem to have been defeated by a relaxing kind of mood things. Yes, I can!!


Karen at CYB said…
Way to go! Keep up the good work! I love walking as well and have found that if I can get into a pattern, it really helps to regulate my mood.

Perhaps it is the boost of "happy" endorphins!

Keep on walking! :)
Traveller said…
I wonder if you are having vestibular issues from the way you describe "keeping your tongue up" making you feel more centered. I have vestibular problems. They are very subtle and I wasn't aware of them until I began doing sensory integration work.

The "tongue up" is a very good tip.

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