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Self Training on Agoraphobia (2)

Yes, I did it again!! Just got home, it's half past eight in the evening here. I went for a short walk round. Did not take the same route as yesterday, well when you live in a 4 street village, you sometimes come across the same streets ;-)). I noticed again that keeping my tongue up improves my ability to walk in a line straight ahead. The tongue feels like a central point in my body. The tongue becomes the major centre of stability, instead of my feelings or thoughts (brain). I noticed other things around here than yesterday. I am so proud of myself.A kind of adrenaline stuff comes up, feels like heaven! It is almost addicting, as this brand new feelings are much stronger than the fears. The fears seem to have been defeated by a relaxing kind of mood things. Yes, I can!!

Self Training on Agoraphobia(1)

Because you have only one life to live, and sooner or later one must battle against the monsters of terror created by your own mind, I decided to start doing some exercises to defeat agoraphobia.
Some years ago I attended some seminars given by Pieter Frijters, a well known Dutch counsellor who has created his own method to fight fears and phobias.His site says it all. Ofcourse this man has written a book about his method. During the last weeks the fears got that worse that I hardly could see any light at the end of the agrophobia tunnel. Medicine, more medicine, no, I do not want to ease my pain that way.

So I told myself, "OK, Aspie Bird, it's all in your hands now, you have to be your own coach, let's start today, just what Peter Frijters writes in his book, start doing things, step by step and do things daily. I just got home from my adventure nr. 1 bringing a letter to the mailbox. One of the golden rules in order to reduce fear is to keep …

Spring is in the air!

Let me first tell you how touched I am by having 50 blog followers! Thank you all. I try to post more often.
Maybe it's not necessary to write much every time..

The agoraphobia therapy has not started yet, however it seems the waiting list could be less than I expected. Just have to wait and things will be ok. It's time to learn how to deal with sensory overload caused by traffic. It just makes my world becoming smaller and smaller. After the winter, spring is in the air now. How I love gardening!

The last weeks have been busy and once again life and death are just round the corner. Those things make you realise that whatever problems my asperger may give me, there is a lot in life to be grateful for. Life and fun do belong together too.

Hope you are all doing well. Take care.