Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changes & Dreams

A lot of changes seem to make their entry in my life. Yesterday I said farewell to my support worker. After having shared many things, we are forced to end our business contact. It's all a matter of money.
It's strange. We shared thoughts about the past two years and dreams about both our future together as we had a farewell drink yesterday. Life goes on. I have already met my new support worker. So far she seems to be a good choice. Changes however, do effect me deeply. Yes, I am an Aspie :-). I try to find rest in doing lots of other things like the bookcrossing things. I really like it and it's an adventure to prepare books for future travel around the world. I recommend to you all! The books I use for bookcrossing are used books, often bought cheap in a second hand store. And there are many people who are happy to get rid of their old books..

Dreams about the future are related to the subject of fear. Being an Aspie I can clearly think of the many changes that fullfulling my dream to live elswhere will bring. Will it all be a benefit? Things will never be perfect I guess. My aim however is to make a step forwards instead of backwards. I once again received news about a possible home somewhere in the big city in another disctrict of the country. It all has advantages and disadvantages. With the help of my gorgeous boyfriend and my support worker I will try to make lists. List with sorted out what I really find most important about where to live and my life. Things will be ok. It is just a matter of dealing with the journey called life path. Moving forward is good, new and dreams will be different. It will be fine after all.I am confident it will be.

There has been no special interests for quite some time now. That is really good news. It feels good and it creates rest. Last week I started to write my book about my life with and without autism acknowledgement. Positve attitude towards autism is important. Keep you eye open to the world and stay in touch with others. If you don't you will loose yourself and create an obstacle to develop your own identity. Autism is not the worst thing in the world. We are different, but blessed with many talents. Just like anyone else. Take care!


Autism and 14-Monkey Experiment said...

Thanks for sharing your changes in your life and how change deeply impacts you.

r.b. said...

We have moved so much in our lives. I guess we have the wanderlust...but I wouldn't change it for the world!


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