Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to love & learn about love and life

First of all let me tell you everyting is doing fine. Being used to be single, it is quite strange to be involved in a relationship now. He is very caring, sweet, smart, understanding and we have quite some common interests.
His life during the last 5 years was quite different than mine, but that is OK. We can learn a lot from one another. And besides that, love is now and to love one person is to life with his present life. I must learn to deal with typical relationship things. In a way he has more experience with this as he has been member of a family with children. We are doing fine and when things do not go that well, we talk it over. I can feel we enter another stage of relationship now. We talk more and more and we are more aware of the outside world now. At least I am, I can not speak for him naturally.

Today I have made him shy as a schoolboy by sending him flowers to his office...Yes, red roses....Afterwards he called me to say thank you. He was happy and touched by this surprise. This made my day! It is not difficult for me to give, it is hard for me to receive his 'Thank You'... Well that is life, one has to learn about is a perfect way to live and learn about the real world.

Beside the love thing there are plenty of things happening in my life now. No, I have not made any concrete decision about where to move (should I buy a house or rent something and where I am gonna live). I trust everything will be ok. First let's see what this winter may bring.

In a few days time a new edition of LINDA magazine will be for sale. In a way I am glad that all this stuff because of this article will be over. Let's get back to normal. My bf is very proud and so am I. But life goes on...

Hope you are all doing well. Please realise that having a relationship having Aspergers Syndrom is possible, as we are just as caring people as anyone else. We, people with autism, may even be more loving than others. But that is a personal opinion. Do with this what you want. Bye for now


Paula and Anusha said...

Hello, My friend and I also made a blog on autism for a project. My little sister has autism and we thought it would be a good topic. Do you have any tips or ideas on what to put on our blog? When you gety the chance can you check it out? It's To be honest with you, it doesn't have much. And one last thing, we're ten. So don't think we're adults. Please post a comment!

-Paula and Anusha : )

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hello Paula and Anusha.

I hope you enjoyed this experience of looking at an adult autistic person's blog.

The prevalence rate has increased a great deal in the past ten years since you were born, and we are overall much much more aware.

And I love the International Baccaulereate principles and way of learning. Best wishes for the Exhibition to you and your friends, and best wishes for your future in general.

rufinadjenning0820 said...

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