Friday, October 30, 2009

Glossy Magazine Fotoshoot Part 2

FAQ 1: What is the magazine about?
The magazine is production of well known Dutch tv presenter and actress. I have never met her personally. ShWe is one of the leading TV personalities in The Netherlands. FAQ about my contribution to this magazine. The magazine is now Holland's best selling glossy magazines with 110.000 editions sold each month.

FAQ 2. What was the subject to talk about?
A. Loneliness.

FAQ 3. How did they find you?
A. A journalist had posted a request on a internet message forum. In a kind of way this message board subject of lonely people in The Netherlands was set up as a result of the general discussion after the Queens Day incident. A lonely man, who could have been your neighbour, was capable of doing such a horrible thing (he drove into a crowd of people and 8 people, including himself were killed)..The interview was given by phone and the fotoshoot was June, 26th in the city of Amsterdam.

FAQ 4. What is the interview about, what do you tell ?
A. It is about me living in a very small Frisian village which is too quiet for me. Most families here have children and I do not. After my burn out I moved to this place, now I want to get out of here. I have some contacts with other people e.g. I have an 88 year old friend with whom I just love to talk about life. While doing my shopping on Friday at five o'clock I feel lonely looking at all those supermarket trolley's filled with family things. In order to cope with this I buy myself a chocolate pudding with cream.
It's a general interview, short and just easy to read.

FAQ 5. What has this interview to do with autism?
Well, strictly spoken has my contribution not too much to do with autism. I have chosen not to mention in in the interview because I did not know how they would translate this into the article. However, there is a strong link between autism and loneliness shown in this article, as, how bizar it might be, 3 out of 5 woman interviewed do speak about autism!!!
One of them is a 37 year old woman who recently was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, one mother of a young son diagnosed with Asperger's and an elderly lady who is the mother of an adult son who was diagnosed with autism.I will post the whole article tomorrow, the pictures are just touching I think.

FAQ 6. Why do you post this here?
Because there is a link between autism and loneliness shown in the article. And because I am so proud to have done this. My self confidence has increased knowing I can be so beautiful!

This is the picture I want to share with you, it's one of the pictures taken during the photoshoot:


Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, Aspie Bird, you are beautiful.

And so are the other women.

Sharon daVanport said...

Very nice - thank you for sharing.


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