Monday, September 14, 2009

September Monday

Yes, life has returned to normal. Although there are of extra activities this week, this may end up as the normal schedule. Hope you are all doing fine. Recently my thirties ended and now I am just a beginner at 40 years old. That is strange. Feels like leaving behind the young and restless days. Over the last weeks there have been many nice activities with friends, family and so on.

Today I have to find out how to deal with an amount of extra free time without having made a schedule so far how to fill those extra hours. It could be tricky, but with help of some list those hours can be filled without feeling lost or having a meltdown.

Doing fine so far, try to start blogging again. Wishing you a pleasant day!
Take care


Clay said...

Not to worry, barring unforeseen circumstances, you should have 15 - 20 years yet before things start really going downhill (as they do). Make the most of them!

Laura said...

Welcome back! Although I do not fall on the spectrum, I too have a really hard time with free time! I much prefer to be too busy. Learning to relax can be hard!


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