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It was fine...

The first date in years has resulted in a very nice meeting between two people. Yes, the magic click was there. We had plenty to talk of and afterwards there were another 1000 questions to ask him.

So, we decided to take things slow and become good friends...
After a week of intense emotions it feels good life returns to normal, however I must say my daily structure and inner rest has been disturbed in a strange way by all this.

No one will take away yesterdays experiences, whatever the future might bring.

Between butterflies and both feet on the ground. Yes, he knows about my ASD and understands. It was very sweet of him to tell me when he noticed I wanted to be on my own for a while at the end of the date. He told me he could see that on my face....That is good!

Meanwhile several projects are still there to be continued.
Yes, the mattter of moving into the real world again (away from the country side) and the question wheter I go back into education or not...

To be continued.


e said…
I am glad for you. Your post reminded me of the euphoric days after meeting my mate, which by the way, still happens on a regular basis. Not the meeting but the euphoria.
It is bliss to have someone appreciate you for who you are.
I wish you the best.
Aspie Bird said…
@ e: thank for your comment!
DJ Kirkby said…
That sounds like a good result, are you happy to just be friends?

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