Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer:Time to enjoy

In order not to loose my daily structure I have been working all weeks this summer. While people were away the silence of my office was wonderful. It's good to see all those people in the office again however.

Some ups and downs came upon my way, running up 'that' hill again took some time, but we made it again.

Lots of festivities to celebrate, this summer is ok.

If you might be anxious about my weight: I have never been fatter in my whole life. Actually I was a little proud when I reached my first kilogramme that is just above the BMI standard. That made my day. I finally felt like all the other woman.
Just amazing afer having been skinny for over 38 years.

Hope you are doing ok, your comments are very positive, thank you!


1 comment:

isles said...

Glad to hear you're rolling with the ups and downs, and at a healthy weight too! So many great things to eat in summer...don't be afraid of a little ice cream too. :-)


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