Monday, August 31, 2009

Knock knock : it's me again...

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all doing ok. I know some members of this hub have hard times now, I follow you through the mailinglist. Keep hope, things will be better!

Never thought I would be so busy. Lots of things to attend, lots of things to be experienced and many things to do in- and outside my home.

This weekend I pampered myself to a "hammam" visit, it's a typical Eastern/Moslim bath house. I wanted to be clean before I hit my 40th B-day next Sunday.
Mmmm this all feels very well, my body was very pleased to get rid of all those dirty things. It's a good way to clean your mind as well.

Now, I must go to bed. I will continue to blog here, but there first must be a kind of rest in my life again.

Take care,
Oant sjen (see you later= Frysian language)
Aspie Bird

O yes, my depression seems to have disappeared due to new medicine. However, autism sill sucks sometimes I can enjoy the good moments of life now better. Hug for you all!


Clay said...

Hmmm, makes me wonder what a Muslim bath is like. Is it like a sauna, followed by immersion in cold water? Sorry, I have no idea.

Aspie Bird said...

@Clay, Yes, it is like that, you put your body into a soap mass, then you get a scrub massage, immension in cold and warm water and a mud packing for your body and face mask to make it complete.

Can you imagine something like this?:-)

Clay said...

It does sound good, except for the mud pack. And cold followed by warm sounds better than the other way around. I wouldn't want to be immersed in cold after just being very warm, but I could stand the cold for awhile, knowing I would soon be warm. The best I can manage here is to just take a nice, leisurely bath, as hot as I can stand it. It's relaxing.


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