Monday, June 01, 2009

Autism & Food: They do not fit anymore

Due to my diet to gain we weight, I have reached a normal weight now.
The days I was skinny seem to be over. One of the things that comes with extra kilogrammes is the fact that many clothes do not fit anymore. It is frustrating trying a pair of trousers on and to discover half way that there is no way you fit into it. My bottom and hips and belly are bigger then ever! Proud of it, but somethimes grrr. I just want to wear my clothes. I just love them, those old clothes. Now I had to buy new clothes.

Well, anyway I am happy over all with my extra weight. Another difference has been solved, I am just like anyone else with my average weight now.

I have promised you to write about Anorexia and Autism because there seem to be many common things. But sorry, the weather is too good to stay long time online doing research and so. So next week, when everything is back to normal, I write about Anorexia and Autism, ok?

Have a good day,
Aspie Bird


codeman38 said...

...Targeted marketing FAIL. That's all I can say to the above comment.

codeman38 said...

(Since I know people are going to be curious now, the now-deleted comment not only had a curebie attitude, but was spam for the campaign of an American senator whom a Dutch blogger would have very little to do with.)

Aspie Bird said...

@codeman you are abosolutely right.


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