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Summer Moves On

Summer Time brings the joy of strawberries from my own garden, long evenings, and ofcourse Summer Holiday. One does not have to travel far to be able to enjoy Summer at it's best. Surrounded by nature and not too far away from culture, library, friends summer life is good. And what about just staying home and do some gardening? This year many Dutch people choose to spend their vacation in our own country because of the economic situation. This week it was announced that 1:10 people is expected to become jobless in 2010 in The Netherlands!! I feel lucky to have a regular income because of my Disabilty Insurance Act payment. Despite the negative news about the economic crisis, I realise that we live however in a rich (First) world. We do not have to worry about a daily struggle to get food, this week it was announced that more people than ever worldwide are said to suffer from lack of food.

Since my last blogpost lots of things happened. And many more things come up.
I will take a br…

Blogging Slow Life

Oops, this morning I realised that I had forgotten something yesterday...uh...well blogging... That means the line of daily blogs from January 1st till December 31st, 2009 has been interrupted...Ah.., kind of pity, but not a major disaster.

I might take a blogging time out these days, or my blogging will continue but on a low profile. A writers block, garden special interest and summertime are the reasons I write less about autism.

Will back soon, in a few days or so. After all, blogging is a kind of daily routine now...

Autism & Food: Anorexia & Autism

There seems to be a link between Autism and Anorexia. Does not surprise me. The problems with eating, the low self esteem etc.

A GROWING appreciation of the links between anorexia and autism spectrum disorders has uncovered new opportunities for treating the eating disorder.

Mental health professionals are now attempting to train the brains of people with anorexia to be more flexible and to see the big picture as well as fine details. In doing so, they hope patients will be less inclined to obsess about body weight and calories and be better equipped to overcome their eating disorder in the long term, as well as gaining weight more immediately.

Last month, the international Academy for Eating Disorders published a paper calling for eating disorders (EDs) such as anorexia and bulimia to receive the same degree of healthcare as other biologically based mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) (International Journal of Eating Disorders…


The strangest thing about empathy is that I still try to find the clue to solve this empathy mystery. It's just like finding the answer of a ever lasting riddle. In daily conversations I have noticed that lack of empathy is something I hate and which makes me very insecure. But please do not ask me to describe the empathy thing looks or sounds like, I can not tell you what it tastes like, it's just a grey hole of a missing brain link.

Today it was a lazy Sunday although I did some serious gardening from 09.30 till noon. The aftmernoon was filled with an unexpected visitor and that was ok, although it is a mirror having someone around because it makes clear that my social talk skills are not the way I want them to be. The empathy thing makes me missing lots of things I guess.

When the house was clean enough I decided to do some painting again. That was a long long time ago. An intense yellow feeling came over me.
Made 4 works with lots of colors. With the radio on I felt quite hap…

D-Day: Thank you Americans and Britons!

Thank you again for fighting our freedom! As today D-Day marked 65 years of remembrance I watched a news special about the service held close to the D-Day beaches in France. The speech President Obama held was very impressive and personal.
It was good to see Prince Charles was there as well.

Thank you America and Great Briton for fighting for our freedom. So many of your people have paid for our freedom with their lives!

Did not do that much today, my autism blogging inspiration might come back later after some serious cleaning has been done in both my gardens and my home. Cleaning gives room for new idea's they say.

Have a good weekend. Been to the library, 4 books to read! Can't wait to start!

Autism Reality

It is often said people with autism live in their own world.
I guess that is partly true. Autism is my shadow.

Sometimes life hurts. Counting my blessings. Sunshine, love, affection, kindness, blue sky, new horizons, new contacts, freedom of speech etc. etc.

Do not know what to tell you right now about my own world these moments.
It's dark in there. Been away but just these minutes the darkness is back.

Autism is not about what we can not do. It is about what we can and what we are.
We are good people. Pure. Each day is a blessing, even with autism.

Wishing you all goodnight. This weekend I might find inspiration for something interesting to write about.

Elections: Vote for Singles!

As one of the first countries, Holland has today the chance to vote for a new European Parlement. There are many issues that count for me, although The European Parlement seems to be far far away. Well that is an understatement for all political organizations I guess.

Many people with autism are singles. By choice or not the single life can sometimes be a lonely experience. Singles are often discriminated, e.g. the supplement one has to pay for a single room. It is good there are organisations like the Dutch C.I.S.A. (Centre for Individual and Society. Last year C.I.S.A. celebrated her 20th anniversary with a conference. One of the speakers that day was Mr.Alexander Pechtold, political leader of D'(emocrats) 66, one of the countries fast growing political parties. C.I.S.A. and D'66 have found one another, D'66 comes up for the rights of singles, in The Netherlands and promised to do the same in European Parlement.

I voted today for Mrs. Sophie in 't Veld, the D'66 Eu…


Today my job coach and I, we are going to the presentation of the commercial in which I take part. I am curious to see what the producer made of it.
When possible I will show the commercial here.

Clouds passing by

Life is a journey. Each day can be the start of a new discovery. While gardening in my front garden I remove the grass which has grown between the tiles the freedom of mind once again comes alive. It feels like my inner source has something to tell me.
Being statisfied with the result (the path to my front door has never looked better since I live here) I stand and watch my garden. The birds are singing in the sky. The summer has begun. Clouds in the sky are passing by without disturbing the sunshine warmth.

This is life. In the silence of a summer evening I realise I might already have all the equipment needed for the journey through life.

It's all there it is just a matter of removing things that might block your way.
When I enter the house I almost immediately close the curtains. Goodbye World, although it is not dark yet, I close the connection with the outside world this way.

My inner source comes alive when sitting down the sofa afterwards. Wearing my pyjama I look around and l…

Autism & Food: They do not fit anymore

Due to my diet to gain we weight, I have reached a normal weight now.
The days I was skinny seem to be over. One of the things that comes with extra kilogrammes is the fact that many clothes do not fit anymore. It is frustrating trying a pair of trousers on and to discover half way that there is no way you fit into it. My bottom and hips and belly are bigger then ever! Proud of it, but somethimes grrr. I just want to wear my clothes. I just love them, those old clothes. Now I had to buy new clothes.

Well, anyway I am happy over all with my extra weight. Another difference has been solved, I am just like anyone else with my average weight now.

I have promised you to write about Anorexia and Autism because there seem to be many common things. But sorry, the weather is too good to stay long time online doing research and so. So next week, when everything is back to normal, I write about Anorexia and Autism, ok?

Have a good day,
Aspie Bird