Friday, May 22, 2009

Thougts about Loneliness

You'll never walk alone. There is always someone with you. Walking with you through the path of life. This can be another person, but it can also be yourself.

If you spend much time alone (being e.g. a person with autism) loneliness can put your self esteem down. Don't let this happen. Remember loneliness is a mental thing and the gate to the world outside is always open. Sometimes it is just hard to see the way out, but a small step offline can be the beginning of a bigger adventure in real life.

After the Queensday incident in Holland last month a discussion about loneliness has been released. Several television programmes try to break through the silence about loneliness. Many people wrote letters about their loneliness, few dare to be filmed.

Autism life can be more lonely than others, due to the lack of communciations skills. I mean our autistic communications skills are often judged being different. Remember that loneliness is a common thing in our society. So the difference between the NT people and autism loneliness does not have to be that big.


Kent Adams said...

Thank you. That was a beautiful post.

DJ Kirkby said...

I didn't expect to read a post like this, it is lovely.


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