Monday, May 11, 2009

Autism & Food: Love

Food. For years dinner time was a crime for me. My head too full of things I had to sit and eat. Meanwhile the social things were happening around me. Often I disliked food. During the years food has become more and more a positive thing for me. I guess this has become this way because I could eat all by myself (by growing up and living on my own). Today food and sensory overload are no longer a combination in my thoughts. And now, I see the beauty of food. It took me years and lots of blood, sweat and tears. These days the view of food no longer causes a blockade in my mind, but it makes me imagine what it might taste like.

This weekend a dear friend gave me some old cooking books. The picture on top of this blogpost is just one of the pictures inside. Gosh, we are so lucky to have plenty of food for us!

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Jeannie said...

You wrote: "Today food and sensory overload are no longer a combination in my thoughts."

Totally resonates. The first thing Mr. Busypants does before he eats ANYTHING is he smells it. Not much passes the sniff test. But the food/sensory overload thing makes perfect sense.

Another example is with candy. He'll suck on it for a while, but then suddenly panic like if he doesn't get the food out of his mouth he might barf. That's what the all-done bowl is for. :)

Thanks for the insight.


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