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Your opinion wanted on 2 issues- experiences with ? professionals...

I want your opinion about 2 issues which has been on my mind many times.

Autism is an 'hot issue'. That is good. It means autism gets more attention and, hopefully, more acceptance. The many publicity outings may create more autism awareness as well!

1.How cute :-) They all want to help us 'to cross the street'
I often get in touch with people who to be professional care givers concerning autism spectrum disorders. I must tell you that in Holland we have a truly good network of reliable professional and on the autism spectrum disorders field. I trust them.

As with every single 'hot' disease or disorder there are people wanting to earn their money helping others. Nothing wrong with that. As long as they are good professionals. However, in my opinion there seems to be an increasing amount of small businesses which claim to be professional care givers on the autism thing but who are in my humble but critical opinion '?' (questionmark) professionals. People ve…

Yes! Back to Work!!!

Yes!! What seemed to become a period of darkness and misery might turn out the other way around! My job-coach has found a temporary job for me at the local city council's office.
Tomorrow I will start my job. It's a computerjob, ofcouse ;-)))

This means I have to drop my voluntary job at the elderly home. Well, done that for over a year, sorry, but life goes on.

2.5 days work Job A.
1 day work Job B.
0.5 day support worker
1 day household things
1 day social training

busy now.

I now eat more ever since I heard from this new job (a week ago)
Spring is in the air here at the country side.
Must go and find my bed now, tomorrow a new start, I am nervous.

I really miss the loving thing now. Just the little things. I have ordered two guides for Asperges written by the late Genevieve Edmonds. The social guide and the Love guide. They will be delivered next week.

This week two political things to attend. Things have become more normal now. Although I still have an urgue to put Autism into the pol…