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Busy and less

The new job is just the kind of work I like. Not too much pressure, not too many working hours. Office is close to my home. So that is ok! Yes!

The past weeks have been dark sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, darkness is needed to be able to work things out. Being in the light all the time is not good for me. Need time for reflection.

One of the things I decided to do is to be more open about my Aspergers. The responses are mostly positive.

The professionals and I decided that group living could be a good thing for me. Now I live at the countryside (village counts several hundreds inhabitants, no shops) The silence here is too loud! So another thing to go after, hunting for a new job.

It is amazing how fast one's social network can grow when you do lots of different activities. Might do something with scouting as well in future!
I made my debute as a radio interviewer as well yesterday! Seven minutes. They say I sound very serious, details and to the point questions. Interest to go o…

Got back into this world

Just two days ahead of my blog's first anniversary I am happy to be able to tell you all I got back into reality. Hehe. Finally. This last episode of fanatic special interest (or you might call it an obsession, if you want to, but that word sounds too heavy) has brought me lots of good things but has also cost me plenty of energy, weight, stress and time!

In order to learn how to deal with this special interests I plan to write a kind of script which teaches me the do's and the don't in special stages of such obsession thing. I now can remeber the things I did and I did not during the last months well, in future I might forget about most important details. Your suggestions for this script are very welcome, although it's a personal thing, you have to go though this obesssed and knowing you are far away of reality thing alone. It makes you lonely.

Back to earth, I am glad this stressfull thing is over. Finally time to move on.
I am very happy to tell you I am able to go bac…