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Sunday, July 30th

Currently reading a book about the e-mail contact between an autistic artist (man) and a NT woman. Very impressive! I will find some rest somewhere else I guess. Time to move on. Thanks for all your comments on this weblog!! It makes me smile.

Life is often hard for me. Like a puzzle every day!

Busy Wednesday

Been a busy day. Went to see both my psychiatrist and my psychologist. Normally I do not do that all on one day. Holiday time. They told me to reduce the amount of activities I jump into. I have already noticed that those activities which include more and more socializing with people make me feel annoyed. That is the sign to limit or even quit things to do.

Did a lot of thinking about Aspergers. This is the one life God has given to me as a human being (who knows how many lives I already have had being an animal???) and God created me being autistic. I really miss the opportunity to be free from worries. On the other hand, thinking is good for your brain and creates often new ideas in my head.

The heatwave is not over yet! Pffff. I do not like it. If you have to keep curtains closed to keep the heat outside, the world you see becomes very small.

Thinking about my future, how to prepare for the next months is very demanding.
I know I can do it. There are a lot of things I can do having …

The Birth of a Weblog

Yes, I did it, I have created my own blog!

Thank you to all the people who posted their stories about autism on the internet.
You are heroes!

At the age of thirty something I was recently officially diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Pleased to meet you all!

There are many interesting things I find in life, most important:
Books and Art I can not live without.

Life is not what it seems. My inner life told me today that I ale I might be just a ship to pass by. I am proud to be an Aspie.I wanna tell you more about my struggle with life and my Aspergers in future. Aspergers makes me what I am. I am more than my Aspergers.

Find the self confidence and heal yourself from the inner pain.